Channel 4 commissions new Five Mile series

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Channel 4 has commissioned a three-part documentary series (3×60 minutes) about the extraordinary and shocking story of Arthur Knight: bookish Del-Boy or international fugitive?

A man wakes from a covid induced coma in a Glasgow hospital.  He is greeted, not by loved ones, but by the police. This moment is the climax of an international manhunt – involving the FBI, Interpol and Police Scotland. The patient suspect has been identified as Nicholas Rossi – also known as Nicholas Alahverdian – and at least 14 other aliases. Once a child welfare campaigner, political lobbyist and Harvard University student, Rossi is also a convicted sex offender, an alleged conman and the prime-suspect in at least three alleged rapes.

What makes this story so shocking is that Nicholas Rossi supposedly died two years earlier. But law enforcement – on both sides of the Atlantic – are convinced his death has been faked and have presented compelling evidence in court confirming that this Glasgow hospital patient is indeed Rossi, including fingerprints and photographs of distinct tattoos. Now they say they’ve tracked down their man they want him back in the US to face justice.

But the suspect insists he is the victim of a “monstrous case of mistaken identity”. He claims to be Arthur Knight, an Irish born “bookish Del-Boy” and not an international fugitive. His wife, Miranda Knight, backs up his story. Arthur and Miranda Knight insist they are a normal couple and that the publicity from this case has ruined their lives.

Anna Miralis, Senior Commissioner, Channel 4: “With such an incredibly high calibre of documentary film makers this series is likely to be both compelling and insightful.  I will look forward to them delving into the unbelievable Arthur Knight story with the aim of discovering whether there is any truth in any of his multitude of claims.”