Six Silent Killings Publicity Poster

Six Silent Killings: Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle

Winner of RTS Ireland Best Factual Series. Within the space of five years in the 1990s, six young women went missing in Ireland, never to be seen again. In the same vast area known today as Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle, Annie McCarrick, Josephine Dullard, Fiona Pender, Ciara Breen, Fiona Sinnott and Deirdre Jacob all disappeared without a trace. Thirty years on from the first case, the new two-part crime series delves into the investigations prompted by the tragic disappearances of these women and the ongoing search for answers.

Featuring interviews with some of the friends and relatives of the victims, former detectives and investigative journalists, this harrowing series examines whether we are any closer to uncovering the one of Ireland’s darkest secrets . Crime journalist Geraldine Niland is at the heart of the story – taking us through the cases and beyond as she fights for answers for the families still grappling with the devastation of not knowing what happened to their loved ones. An in-depth analysis by Irish forensic scientist David Kenny reveals a location where, he believes, a body or bodies may be buried – deep in the Wicklow mountains and close to the home of local suspect Larry Murphy.

  • Executive Producer
    Nick Mirsky
  • Edited by
    Enda Mullen & Craig M. Cotterill
  • Filmed, Produced & Directed by
    Colette Camden
  • Story Producer
    Alice Duffy
  • Producer
    Scarlet Moore
  • Line Producer
    Elizabeth Ainge
  • Broadcaster
    Sky Documentaries
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