The Simpler Life

THE SIMPLER LIFE is a six-part series for C4 that asks whether we have made the right choices about how we live our modern, consumer-focused Western lives. Overseen by world-renowned psychologist Barry Schwartz, a group of British people – selected to represent a diverse range of modern Britain – live the simple life of an Amish community. Does a simpler life make us happier?

  • Executive Producer
    Stephen Day
  • Series Editor
    Anna Llewellyn
  • Series Producers
    Joanna Mcdiarmid, Helen Simpson
  • Line Producer
    Deborah St John Gray
  • Broadcaster
    Channel 4
  • IMPOSTER: Back From The Dead
  • The Dog House
  • Six Silent Killings: Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle
  • Pete Doherty, Who Killed My Son?
  • The Dog Academy
  • Murder In The Valleys
  • The Pandemic at no. 47