The Dog House

RTS award-winner and BAFTA-nominee THE DOG HOUSE has been called “the most charming show on television” and “feel-good TV at its fluffiest”. Each series is filmed at Woodgreen, an animal rescue charity, where dedicated staff match abandoned dogs with hopeful new owners. A multi-camera rig captures the heart-stopping moment when people first set eyes on the dog they hope will become part of their family. Stories of abandoned strays and unloved pets are set against those of the humans with a┬ádog-shaped hole in their lives.

“The TV series of the decade stars a bunch of rescue dogs.” Caitlin Moran, The Times
“Eminently delightful.” The New Yorker
  • Executive Producer
    Nick Mirsky
  • Series Director
    Jordan Maloy
  • Series Producer
    Katie Brimblecombe
  • Line Producer
    Sophie Wright
  • Latest Series
    Airing weekly February to April 2024
  • Broadcaster
    Channel 4
  • IMPOSTER: Back From The Dead
  • Six Silent Killings: Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle
  • Pete Doherty, Who Killed My Son?
  • The Dog Academy
  • Murder In The Valleys
  • The Simpler Life
  • The Pandemic at no. 47